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Crowns and Bridges

At the office of Langston Amador Dental Group, we offer state-of-the-art restorative treatments to repair teeth that have suffered damage and decay. Dental crowns and bridges are a popular method for restoring damaged and lost teeth. Our practice offers natural-looking, high-quality crowns and bridgework made from porcelain and zirconia.


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that is fitted over a decayed, damaged, misshapen or missing tooth. When placed over damaged or newly treated teeth (such as after a root canal treatment), crowns add strength and stability to the tooth structure.

Before your crown is made, the tooth is prepared, and an impression is taken. Our practice makes use of 3D imaging with a Trios 3D shape digital scanner to take an advanced and accurate image of your tooth. This impression, and other pieces of information such as the shade and position of your teeth, is then used to prepare your custom dental crown. Once the crown is made and placed, we will carefully check your bite and make any necessary adjustments before bonding the crown to your tooth.


A bridge, as the name suggests, is a set of prosthetic teeth, used to fill the gap created by multiple missing teeth in a row. A bridge is anchored in place by attaching its ends to the natural or prosthetic teeth at each end of the gap.

The procedure of installing a bridge is quite similar to that of a dental crown. If there are natural teeth on both sides of the gap, they will need to be prepared by grinding down a part of the enamel in order for the bridge to fit properly. If there are no natural teeth, implants and crowns will be used to anchor the bridge. Next, an impression is taken in order for us to create your bridge, and a temporary restoration is placed until then to protect the exposed teeth and gums. During your next appointment, the temporary bridge is removed, and your new custom bridge is fitted.

If you wish to learn more about crowns and bridges and if they could be the ideal solution to restore your smile, please contact our experts for a consultation. You may call us at (954) 941-4410 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"I had been having intense jaw pain, so I went to Dr. Langston and Dr. Amadors office for a consult. They diagnosed and explained the issue and game plan in a language I could understand. They made me a unique night guard that has taken my jaw pain symptoms away and probably saved my teeth! The cool thing is that the technology of the guard is both hard and soft making it very comfy. Thank you Dr. Langston and Dr. Amador for a great experience but more importantly the solution I needed."

Daniel L. Elmer P.

"Not only are Dr. Amador and Dr. Langston two of the best dentists clinically but they are extremely down-to-earth and sincerely care about you. They make you feel like family and going to the dentist relaxing and actually enjoyable. Ok...Well as much as it could be at least... Haha. If you need a dentist in greater pompano beach look no further!"

Greg J. Greg J.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Amador's for at least 15 years. I first went to him after bouncing from dentist to dentist most of my life. I found him and his entire staff to be extremely professional, honest, kind, friendly and caring. The prices are reasonable and he accepts insurance, which has been a great help over the years. Dr. Amador does not perform unnecessary procedures or inflate prices. The years have only increased my respect and affection for all these wonderful people. Not only do Dr. Amador and his staff keep up to date with all the latest in dental technology, they treat their patients like friends and family, and genuinely care about us."

Kelly B. Kelly B.
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